Ten Things You Will Only Get If You're a Libra

Number six is the most stressful thing you can be asked to do




Being a Libran is a constant balancing act , something only most people of this particular sun sign can fully understand. You live your life with your scales constantly swinging , and have a hard time explaining why the simplest decisions seem impossible ​for you to make. Here are ten things only a Libra truly understands.

1. You are always super fair : Right and wrong are very clear to you , and your lines seldom get blurred while deciding what is morally correct while taking any action.

2.Temper tantrums are alien to you : Being mild tempered, you are not easily angered and even though you might show irritation at a situation , you will seldom have a complete outburst of any kind.

3.You are are a hopeless romantic : You easily fall in love and are swept of your feet, to the extent that you can find something to like in almost every date you go on.

4.You are super diplomatic : While talking about anything you are careful not to ruffle any feathers and always take a diplomatic route. Some may find this insincere , but you just don't like to upset anyone .

5.Indulgence is key : All things luxurious , hedonistic and indulgent make you extremely happy. To a point where you can justify spending any amount of money to make yourself happy.

6. Being super indecisive is a way of life: Your highly logical brain can see the pros and cons of any situation , making decision making a chore for you. Chances are you will procrastinate till you can and then take a nap.

Which brings us to....

7. You love to just chilllll : Being laid back and lazing around are your favourite things. Hectic people tend to make you uneasy and you can spend hours doing nothing in peace.

8.You love to be free but also get lonely : When friends harrow you to make plans you sometimes withdraw and can't handle too many expectations. However, when left all alone you will start fishing around for someone to hang out with .

9. You will be dedicated at work and a sloth at home : Your co-workers know you as someone on the ball who gets things done . Your roommate on the other hand, can't get you to do laundry if your life depended on it.

and finally...

10. To others , you are always perfectly 'fine': Not a fan of revealing your emotions , you will always put up a show of doing okay to those around you , even if you are hurting on the inside.

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