10 Things You Will Only Get If You're a Scorpio

Because being intense is a way of life for you.




Intense, passionate and extremely loyal , only Scorpio's can understand how seriously they take life and the things that mean the most to them . While other signs may not consider these to be important ,here is a list of ten things that are do or die for you .

1. Love is a passion for you : Hollywood style passionate love is the only way you know how to feel about someone you like. Luke warm feelings are alien to you.

2.You are not easily impressed: As much as you admire intelligent and talented people , your highest opinion is reserved for only yourself.​

3.You cannot be controlled , period : The balance of power has to always be on your side in any situation . Nobody can ever tell you what to do.

4.Mystery intrigues you : You hate deception of any kind but are intrigued by  anything that isn't completely clear to you thanks to your super inquisitive nature.

5.Loyalty is everything : With friends, family or a lover, nobody is as fiercely loyal as you. You will always be by the side of anyone you consider a part of your 'team'.

6.You never forgive, ever: Betrayal is your peril , and you can be vengeful and ruthless when messed with. People should avoid crossing you at any cost, or learn to pay the price.

7.Either you look fabulous or don't bother at all : There is no middle path in the way you dress. It dressed to the nines or hobo chic for you with no in betweens.

8.You don't trust easy : You can have friends you have had for five years without completely trusting them or letting them in . That is just the way things are with you.

9.You rather die then engage in small talk : Being super intense you enjoy meaningful conversation and exciting topics. Random small talk and chatter bores you to death.

And finally...

10.You just hate waiting : Being extremely impatient , you will happily skip buying what you want in a store then stand in line or waste your important time . 

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