Ten Things You Will Only Get If You Are a Saggitarius

Being energetic is basically a way of life




No one ever forgets meeting a Sagittarius easily, thanks to your big bold personality and fiery nature. A force to be reckoned with , there are some thing about being a true blue Sagi that no other sun sign can ever understand.

1. You always say whats on your mind : Never shying away from telling the truth, you like to say it as it is , upfront. You speak your mind , no matter what the cost.

2.Sitting still is just not an option: With one of the shortest attention span of all sun signs , you need constant movement and stimulation to keep you satisfied at all times .

3.You are oh! so social at all times : You hate being alone and surround your self with people at all times. Having no problem in making friends, your social life is extremely active .

4.Planning? Whats that? : Spontaneous to the very core, a Sagittarius hardly ever plans anything , flitting along wherever the wind takes them with happy abandon.

5.You are known to be extremely charming: Once you turn on your charms , very few can resist. You know how to make people feel good and can win over almost anyone you decide to.

6. Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!: You never hesitate to pull moves on people you feel a connection with , the more the merrier.

7.You are an eternal optimist: Always seeing the silver lining in dark clouds , you have an extremely positive out look and look at the bright side of life , always surrounding yourself with people who do the same.

8.The term wild child was coined with you in mind : Free spirits and rebels without a cause, you like to pave your own path and don't hesitate to break some rules in the process.

9.You have an extremely inquisitive mind : You ask a lot of questions about everything and have a seeking mind , always looking for the right knowledge to understand something.

and finally....

10.Passion is your middle name: With your unstoppable zest for life and never say die attitude of embracing everything you enjoy to the fullest, you approach everything from work to fun with a passion second to none.

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