10 Things You Will Only Get if You Are a Pisces

Life for you is basically a Disney movie




Being a Pisces is not always easy, and boy do you know it ! Being emotional by nature , you tend to live in a dream world and also find it difficult to express how you feel at many times. Here are ten things about being a Pisces only fellow ​ sun sign mates can truly understand.

1. You need tons of love and affection: You crave attention from those closest to you , and might not always ask for it . However, you are happiest while being pampered by your nearest and dearest.

2.Creativity is your thing: Bored with the realities of life ,you rather create a fun world of your very own.This makes you awesome at drawing writing , painting and all things creative.

3.You are loyal and faithful: Devoted,empathetic and caring , you stand by the people who matter to you , through thick and through thin, Your close friends can always count on you to be there for them.

4.You love to live in fantasy land: Being the creative soul you are , you always prefer the world inside your head to real life.Daydreaming is your very favourite thing , and it can take some effort at times to bring you back to mother earth.

5.You prefer quiet alone time to loud , crowded parties :Being an introvert, you need some time alone to recharge and prefer one on one interactions to social gatherings . More often then not you will be found curled up with a book at home then dressed up at a party.

6.Whats that on your sleeve? oh! its your heart: If you care about someone you will show it openly and freely. Being a die hard romantic , you love in a fairytale like fashion .

which brings us to....

7. You are super sensitive : Being one to love with your whole heart , you get upset when people don't act in a way that you expect and get hurt , let down and disappointed easily ,usually resulting in tears.

8. Generosity is your middle name :You will give your friends and loved ones everything you have, even the shirt of your back if needed.They tend to make great sacrifices and compromises for the ones they care about, making them very good friends.

9.You love new experiences: You love adventure and all things new and exciting , but are happiest when you experience them with those that you love .

and finally.....

10.You are accepting of everyone: You like to see the best in all people , even to a point of being gullible. To you , everyone is innocent and good until proven guilty.

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