7 Things to Remove From Your Resume Right Now

Especially #7!




A potential employer only spends a few seconds reviewing resumes. To make sure yours stands out from the crowd, remove these things from your resume... like yesterday!

1) An objective. 
According to your employer, your objective should be the job you are applying for, so there is no need to keep this on your resume. Instead, replace it with a 'summary' about yourself which includes your professional background and strengths.

2) Your photo. 
A photo on a resume is a huge no-no. Employers are judging you on your skills and experience, not on the way you look so remove any photos from your resume STAT!

3) Extra pages. 
If you are in your 20's, try and keep your resume on one page. Employers look at hundreds of resumes daily and can overlook yours if it is filled with unnecessary information or old jobs (read #5).

4) Weird interests. 
If you must list interests on your resume, make sure they relate back to the job you are applying for. Employers don't care if one of your interests is birdwatching...biting your nails.

5) Old jobs.
All of the short lived/unimportant jobs should be removed from your resume. Keep your resume relevant to the industry you are applying into.

6) Misspelled words.
Nothing turns off a potential employer than misspelled words. Before sending out your resume, double check for spelling errors! 

7) Lies.
Lying on your resume is never a good idea. Potential employers can ask you detailed questions about anything listed on your resume, and your lies can put you in a very uncomfortable situation if you get called on it in an interview. 

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