This is the Best Age to Get Married, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Well, that makes it easier!




You know how everyone rushes to your side after a break-up, just full of advice? 'The right guy is just around the corner', they say. Or 'you were settling for him anyways, he didn't even deserve you.'

They're right you know. Don't just settle for anybody, the perfect guy/girl for you may just be around the corner. And if you wait long, and patiently enough, you'll find your Prince Charming too. Or maybe you don't have to wait at all. Unlike what people believe, there is no right time to get married. It can either happen to you as early as 20, or as late as 50.

But there's only so much a girl can wait, So, we're going to make it easier for you, and tell you exactly what age you should get married based on your zodiac sign.


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Aries are wild, strong-willed, and unstoppable. They're all about chasing the moment, and being spontaneous. They get irritated of waiting easily, and tend to rush into things. You are likely to elope on a whim, but don't get swept away in passion. You may mistake infatuation, for love. Just slow down, and at least wait until you're out of your 20s to make such a commitment.


You are way more grounded than Aries. You want security and stability in life, and your relationships. And you're automatically likely to wait until you find someone who gives you all of these things. Go ahead and get married young if that's where you are at life. You won't regret it, in fact it'll probably help you grow as a person. Plus, your calm and steady personality will make for a long and loving marriage. Just be more accepting to change, it can be good sometimes.


Your 'twin' sign makes it difficult for you to make committing decisions, you're constantly being pulled in two separate directions. But you love relationships and you love yourself in one. You love how much fun it is, but you absolutely despise boredom! So you might move around in relationships and choose to remain polygamous, for a while. We suggest that you should marry a little later on in life, maybe even after your 30s. So you've had a chance to mature and settle down.


You love the idea of marriage and a family. But you seek safety. You can easily meet someone, fall in love, feel safe with them, and seal the deal. You enjoy the process of creating a family and taking care of them, tending to their needs. It's what makes you happiest, so don't be scared of marrying young, you'll make it work if they're the right one for you.


You have high-standards, and you want to be treated like the fierce queen you are. But you're all for monogamy and long-term relationships. You'd rather be single than skip from guy to guy. So, as long as you find someone to give you all the TLC, you can settle down easily. Finding the right person takes time, and because of your picky nature you would take even longer. But we don't blame you, you want to be sure of who you choose to spend the rest of your life with and what's wrong with that?


You are very goal oriented and have a strong work ethic. But it not only applies to your career, but your relationships too. You know how to reach your goals and so marrying young suits you. You're confident with who you choose to be with and you know what you're doing. But sometimes, you'd rather focus on your job and marriage gets pushed behind. Which is totally fine!


Your sign practically represents marriage! You love the idea of it and you're likely to marry young because of this. But you barely have enough time to think it through before you end up committing. So marrying young is probably not a good idea for you, because it might end in divorce. Like we said before, be patient and the right guy will be right around the corner.


You are passionate, intensive and posessive. But you find yourself torn between two extremes, on one hand you can intensely connect with your partner, while on the other you can disconnect just as fast. It may be due to your insecurities, trust and abandonment issues. If you work on your insecurities, then you can have a healthy and happy relationship at any age.


You crave freedom, you are the go-getters who seek to make a real difference in the world. Because of this, you hate being tied down by family obligations. It's rare to see you settle down early unless you find someone who will allow you that freedom. You need someone to propel your dreams and explore the world with you. So, marry when you're older, and when your goals are met, and you want to focus on yourself.


You're career-oriented as well but you aren't scared of responsibilities – instead, you welcome and embrace them. The idea of marriage is far from daunting to you. It's just like a stepping stone in life, to further yourself and your goals. You may decide to marry early in life, maybe the early 20s, and you'll be in happy, long-term relationship because of your loyalty and dedication.


Just like Sagittarius, you too crave freedom and you will cling to it as long as possible. But you need security just as much, if not more actually. So even though you might run away from marriage and push it further for as long as possible, if you find a partner with a similar thought-process as you, who understands the importance of your freedom, you might just take the leap. And it can happen to you at any age.


You are a dreamer and you have a tendency of getting lost in your deep, imaginative, inner- world. You need someone who will patiently wait for you to come out of your bubble. So it's unlikely that you'll marry young–you need to make a lifelong connection with your partner. And younger partners may be fooled into thinking you're bored just because you're day-dreaming.

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