This is How You're Ruining Your Love-Life Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The fault in your stars...





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You jump into relationships and the idea of love way too fast, with your impulsive nature. You miss out on your partner's negative habits, and how much of a jerk they can actually be. So you're prone to falling for toxic people that may drain you.


You tend to go for relationships that are safe and secure, regardless of whether you've got chemistry or not. It just depends on whether your partner can give you a stable life, and financial security– and you're in it for the long haul. You're terrified of rejection, who isn't? But don't just stay in your comfort zone, you need someone who scares you, just a tad bit.


You're so indecisive! You may know what you want, but you lie to yourself about who and what you really want. Want to know why? You're actually scared of choosing the wrong people, so you'd rather be stuck at the same place, than move forward. Take the leap once in a while– not all relationships end in a disaster.


You're one of the most caring and sensitive zodiac sign. You're all about love and relationships, and feeling safe, and secure. You tend to go for partners who can provide you with a family, a home, and money– but in the process, you can end up with someone who's possessive, controlling and manipulative. Take charge, and be the boss of your own life and relationship.


Just like the lion, you've got tons of pride, which can be a bad thing at times. You don't want to be considered 'weak', so you hide how you feel. You would rather not be vulnerable and upset in front of your partner, or anybody for that matter. You probably don't even know how to express those feelings, and because of that, you're attracted to people who are the complete opposite– and full of emotion! The problem– you refuse to accept or understand those emotions.


You're a perfectionist, when it comes to work, but also when it comes to relationships. You've got this list in your head, outlining the 'perfect partner', that somehow, no-one seems to meet. You'll keep striving for the perfect guy/girl, but here's a piece of advise. You're striving for a perfect person, only because you think you aren't perfect– so be happy with yourself first, before you can be happy with anyone else.


Just like Cancerians, you love the idea of 'love'. You want to settle down, and make a home with someone, so you blindly fall into relationships, giving everyone the benefit of doubt. And that's your downfall. You like to believe that everyone has good intentions, so you attract people who can easily break your heart by being jealous, or controlling.


You're a sex-machine! You love playing the field, without having all that emotional stuff attached to it. You ruin your love-life by not giving people a chance to actually build a relationship. You'd rather just have sex with them, because you're scared of feeling vulnerable, and shut people out.


You're too head-strong, and like to believe that you can handle stuff on your own. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, just admit it. Give your partner a chance to help you out, and give you some love. Just take a seat back and accept the TLC. We assure you, you're going to love it.


You care a bit too much about what people think, and not just what your partner thinks of you, but what people think of your partner. To be fair, you might even be over-thinking things. Just give your brain a rest, and fall in love with someone for who they are, not who the world thinks they are. At the end of the day, you're the one who has to live with your decision.


Aquarians have an amazing personality, yet, they have trouble accepting that. There's this empty void in your heart, that you want to fill with other people. So you skip from partner to partner. No matter how much you're loved and cared for, you continue feeling low about yourself. So stop– if you want to settle down with that special someone.


You're a hopeless-romantic, you love the gushy fairy-tale life, and get lost in your own day-dreams. So you fail to notice that your partner might be completely bat-sh*t crazy! You go after the same type of people that will break your heart– because you're a sucker for romance, and a pretty face. Come back to reality, and stop settling for people who don't deserve you.

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