​Your Weekly Tarotscope: October 12 – 18​

It's going to an amazing week! The cards say so too.




Aries ​(March 21 - April 20​)

A glorious week lies ahead of you. You're surrounded by all the things you love. Enjoy the 'your wish my command' moment. Your main man may go out of his way to spoil you silly. Just remember not to get too carried away (you know what they say about materialism) and focus on the real stuff alongside.

Taurus ​(April 21 - May 21​)

Everybody loves a good challenge, especially you! Right now, you're the child genius who has been given a difficult math problem. So, whatever your game is, play it right. The circumstances may not seem life-changing to you at the moment, but getting through this minor roadblock unruffled will teach you an important lesson. And clear the path out for much deserved success.

Gemini ​(May 22 - June 20​)

Ooh, Gemini! Look at you sex-ing it up…in every corner, everywhere. A hot and sweaty week lies ahead of you! So get ready to get dirty, pronto! Whether it is with that cutie downstairs you accidentally caught shirtless on laundry day or the love of your life. It's all about trying sexy new things—taking them from theory to practice. And you don't need no tarotscope to tell you that!

Cancer ​(June 21 - July 22​)

Wading through troubles waters, Cancer? Unresolved issues are a thing of the past. Here's your chance to resolve them at once. They're likely to come up one by one, and when you're expecting them the least. You can't keep running away from them… you know that. Love and embrace your fears, and train your mind to get over each of them. Hurdles are just silly reminders of the immense strength you hold within yourself.

Leo ​(July 23 - August 22​)

 Is it love or lust, Leo? Take a long, hard look at your life. How easy it is to lose sight of the bigger picture…to fall into the trap of things that only take you further. Make a list of all the things (and people) that are toxic for you, and get on the detox wagon as soon as you can!

Virgo ​(August 23 - September 22​)

Put that smile back on your face, Virgo! This week is all about happy endings—whether it is finally committing to your lover, watching that thing you've been working on come to life or writing the final chapter of that award-winning novel. Yes, celebrations are in order. You're likely to be embraced by the success you deserve. PS: travel overseas may be on the cards for some of you, or planning one at least!

Libra ​(September 23 - October 22​)

It's all about the thrill of the unexpected, Libra, and you're going to surprise yourself more than anybody. Take a risk, girlfriend! Take a stupid, stupid risk—whether it texting that cutie-next-door, chopping all your hair off or finally quitting your job to pursue something you've always wanted to. Small acts. Big difference. The lesson? Learning to trust your intuition.

Scorpio ​(October 23 - December 21​)

Be the force, Scorpio! Be the very force that changes your life. You're feeling strong and empowered, and you're going by the book. And that's good for you! Plan, strategize and go about conquering the empire you have in mind in a methodical way. You may find that your male boss or a male member of your family (hello, daddy dearest!) has strong influence on what you're doing at the moment. It could be suffocating or life-changing, depending on how you choose to look at it. But listen to what they have to say before shunning their advice.

Sagittarius ​(November 22- December 21​)

Make a list of your goals followed by a foolproof plan on how to achieve them.  Your best-laid plans may go haywire and it may feel like the end of the world. It's just a minor roadblock Sagi—one that will clear in no time at all. Use this period of suspension to reexamine the way forward. Introspection will do wonders!

Capricorn​ (December 22 - January 19​)

Pay close attention to your feelings. Is there something you're unable to express? Something you're holding onto, which in turn is disallowing you from seeing the real picture? Acceptance is key, Capricorn. It is only once you accept the situation at hand and understand what you have to learn from it that you will be able to transform it completely. Make your weakness your strength, beautiful.

Aquarius ​(January 20 - February 18​)

Good going, Aquarius! I see that you've got your game on. You're on the right track, and ticking things off your list like nobody's business. And going by the book is serving you well. Just remember not to let the initial victory get you too high, because there's a long road ahead. You're going to have to prove yourself yet again. Focus on the bigger picture, girlfriend. And get help whenever you can.

Pisces ​(February 19 - March 20​)

On the work front, you may undertake a fresh project, or be entrusted with brand new responsibilities. Part of working with a team is dealing with minor turbulence. There's a good chance you may be challenged in some way, or face resistance of some sort. You know fully well the hazards of being in a conflict. So, keep your ego aside, and appease to your opponent using emotions. A fight is not worth losing a friend over. The problem may or may not come to a logical end soon—but your sanity is something you have to be responsible for. 

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