What Your Star Sign Says About Your Sex Life

Leo, you saucy little minx, you!





You're a fiery lover and a competitive one too! You never disappoint under the sheets (or in the car, park, on the beach etc.) because like any good athlete, you give it your all and have some ~impressive~ skills. You don't like losing, and sex is no exception.


Oh Taurean you big romantic.... You love, love! Nothing beats candles and massage oils to get you in the mood. You're all for sensual kisses and slow, passionate love-making sessions. Yes, you may be a big ol' softie when it comes to love, but your partner needs a heck of a lot of endurance to keep up with you in the sack. After all, slow and steady wins the race (you also really love your food, so you're open to some chocolate sauce and whipped cream adventures).


Unpredictable in life and in the bedroom, your imagination trumps all others. You need to switch things up on the reg or else you'll get bored – and you don't have time for that. You have no shame and you'll give anything a go. And best of all you don't take sex too seriously – it's basically your favourite playground, amiright?


Why hello there Miss passionate! You're affectionate and sensitive and nothing turns you on more than pleasing your partner. Every sex sesh is like a spiritual awakening with you - you need to connect with someone physically and emotionally. And you always nail it!


You love to entertain and ooze confidence in and out of the bedroom. Your love for putting on a good show makes others weak at the knees and you always put on a good show in the sack. You know what you're doing, but don't break too many hearts!


You're beautiful and sweet - and you don't play games. You know what you want and absolutely know how to hit all the right spots during sex. You can be a bit of a perfectionist, so you'll move on to the next thing if something aint working in your favour.


You're there for a good time. Your laidback attitude draws people in and you're the same in the bedroom – you set the mood (add a dash of romance, like a candle) and the night is yours.


The most seductive sign of all, you're intense and highly erotic. Sensual is basically your middle name. You know what you like and know what you want and with those impressive skills of seduction, you pretty much always get it.


Fun and flirty is your style. Sex is always playful and spontaneous and you love to try new things – after all, it's only kinky the first time right?


Capricorns are the best kissers (but you know that already!). True story (Well, according to the Zodiac anyway). And when sex is on the table (pun intended), it's just super freaking hot!


You're the wild card in Uno. You're errythang! Not only are you sexy, but you're also witty and love to just have fun. You like to keep things exciting when it comes to sex, and if someone can't deal with your sass, then they can move right along. You need someone who can laugh with you.


You're a sensitive soul and you prefer making love with someone you care for, but that doesn't mean your sex isn't hot, hot, hot. Your giving nature means you always attend to the needs of your partner andalwaysplease them. Lucky them!


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