9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Deepika Padukone

We are running for a pen and paper to take notes , ASAP




Nobody makes us aspire to be like her more then Deepika Padukone. Classy , sexy , beautiful and damn can she act! Deepika has been through her shares of ups and downs in life , and always managed to come out firmly on top , letting us know she is doing something right . Here are nine life lessons we can all learn from Bollywood's number one actress.

1.It's ok to have trouble with heartbreak : Sometimes , falling in love and letting go can be tough , especially when you have trouble letting go of someone. Deepika has spoken openly about depression and difficulties with heartbreak , proving to be an inspiration to the millions of people out there fighting the same battles as her.

2. Work hard for your career: Known for her complete dedication and pouring all her energies into preparing for a role , Deepika teaches us to give your all to your job , without holding back.

3.The good times usually follow the bad for those who stay strong: After going through a difficult time in her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor , Deepika fought her way through and worked hard and life gave her everything she asked for. She is now the number one actress in Bollywood , and had a loving and dedicated boyfriend like Ranveer Singh.

4.Set your ambitions sky high : Deepika did not stick to the limits of Bollywood , breaking the barrier of Hollywood movies and starring in XXX opposite Vin Deisel , proving she is a force to be reckoned with.

5.Choose what you say carefully : After her comments on Koffee with Karan about Ranbir Kapoor caused a drama of national proportions , Deepika has learned to keep her private life private and does not speak out about anything controversial.

6.A smile is the best accessory you can wear : One thing Deepika is never missing is her dazzling smile , lighting up the room and completing her every outfit and look.

7.Compete only with yourself : Learning all about competition from her sportsman father , Deepika says she doesn't bother to try and measure herself up to her competition , but only focuses on achieving her own goals.

8. Be friends with your ex : Especially as they work in the same industry , Deepika has maintained a cordial and friendly relationship with her ex Ranbir Kapoor , even starring opposite him in movies.

9. Follow your heart : Not one to over-think things , Deepika follows her heart and sticks to it , no matter what!