10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Ranveer Singh

Number three is an inspiration for everyone out there . We heart you Ranveer!




Right now , if there is anyone making waves in Bollywood its Ranveer Singh! Known for his larger then life personality , excellent acting skills and ability to make most movies a hit , everybody loves Ranveer . However , under the rugged good looks and oodles of fun he brings to the screen , lies some very strong principles on the way he lives his life . We could all learn a few things from Bollywood's most fun superstar , so heres a list of what makes him who he is .

1.Take your work seriously and your life lightly: Ranveer is known for being super committed to his work and giving it his all, taking his job very seriously. At the same time , his sense of humour and easy approach to life shows how he can laugh at himself and not get to caught up in politics and just float along happily.

2.Dedication pays : Just look at his amazing body and super solid fitness regime , enough said!

3.If you love someone , flaunt it : Ranveer is very open about his love for Deepika , and treats her with oodles of respect and affection very openly , a lesson all of us can learn in relationships.

4. A flashy wardrobe is sometimes a great investment : Always in the lime light for his bold fashion choices and red carpet looks , Ranveer has fun with his fashion image and gets noticed all at the same time , a win win situation.

5. Embrace your madness : From his impromptu dance moves to dedication videos to his Bollywood idols , this boy does not shy away from his out there behaviour , totally comfortable in his skin.

6. Stereotypes are meant to be broken : Being from a non Bollywood family , Ranveer broke through the nepotism that is said to surround actors these days and showed the world that you can get where you want if you have the talent and the commitment.

7.Insecurity ! Whats that? : Just watch his latest interview on Koffee with Karan . Ranveer befriends his girlfriends ex , worships other actors and admires their work, expresses his love openly and basically does not give a ***k .

8.Love what you do : One thing that comes shining through Ranveer's behaviour is his true blue love for Bollywood. He has worshiped the industry growing up and is now living his dream and working at it .

9.Your friends are your biggest strength : Ranveer keeps his friends like Arjun Kapoor close to help him through ups and downs in life , being his pillars of support .

and finally.....

10.Be who you are , no pretence : Extroverted , friendly , whacky and completely opposite of the norm of a Bollywood superstar . Ranveer never pretended to be someone he's not to conform to an image. And his is loved all the more for it .