This One Crazy Act Could Actually Mean You are a Genius

Time to tell the world what you always knew




Ever been told that you sometimes behave crazy , only to feel you are being misunderstood . Well , new studies can now prove that you could actually be a genius.

We are not talking about the crazy rage you get before your morning caramel latte ( Totally understand where you are coming from by the way!) . Scientist's are now saying that people who have a habit of talking to themselves could actually be geniuses.

If you have ever had a public one way conversation and suddenly realised that people are looking at you funny , you are not alone. However , this behavioural trait which is well associated with lunacy is also in fact a sign of someone being a genius.

Studies have now found that this phenomenon can actually help you increase your mind's ability to process and store information. So in simple words , talking to your self can actually make you learn quicker and smarter and remember stuff for longer.

According to psychologists , it also helps you make better choices , organise your thoughts and makes you more ambitious. Turn's out your mom's weird grand uncle was actually Einstein in hiding and you never knew it .

So the next time you feel like debating with your self out loud, don't worry about what people think. For all you know you might be on your way to being the next Nobel Prize winner!