Revealed: This is What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

For instance, handwriting that is bunched up and non-aligned, indicates a LIE!




Graphology — the study of a person's handwriting, especially when employed to analyse the writer's character or personality.

It's amazing how someone's handwriting can speak volumes about their inner souls which are obscured from the world. It's pretty interesting how all this intertwined, makes up for a fantastic case study, and we totally recommend getting on with testing it on someone, ASAP!

How you write indicates more than 5,000 different traits of your personality, so we decided to dig into research and indulge in a peek at some pretty helpful ones.

1. When size matters!

Apart from all the other arenas of your life where 'size' may or may not (hey, we're not judging!) be a cause for concern, it definitely plays a role in analysing your handwriting!

Small - You're most likely to be, an introvert. You tend to pay keen attention to details, and have a meticulous air about your personality. You will generally, not easily mingle with people but will take your own sweet time, most likely after you've fully assessed them.

Large - In stark contrast, people who write larger letters tend to be extroverts. They are extremely outgoing and amiable, usually being the centre of attention. They are oozing with confidence, and don't mince words.

Medium - You're a good balance of both, and are sort of in between. You tend to adjust and eventually make your peace with people and/or things.

2. When you're all about the 'space'!

As if synonymous to personal space in life, people tend to space out their words in tandem with their emotional requirements. Accordingly, wide spaces between words would imply trust issues, and the fact that you are more than happy with your freedom. You prefer your own company, as opposed to others, and usually avoid any chance of a rendezvous with people. On the other hand, narrow spaces are identified with intrusive people, who detest being left alone. It is indicative of an emotionally unstable mind with low self-esteem, which feels the constant need to be around people.

The one with average spacing between letters is the most sane one! They are self-confident independent people, who are comfortable around others, and can strike a balance between needy and distant.

3. The slant in your letters can make a difference!

Whoever thought absolutely minuscule details of our mindless scribbling could provide such insight into our inner selves! Handwriting which has zero slant and is rock-solid, indicates a person who is — practical, logical, and balanced. They are not at the mercy of their emotions, and tend to have better control of situations in their environment.

Talking of handwriting that slants towards the right, people who endorse that are usually, fairly open to meeting new people, and enjoy brand new experiences. They seek adventure!

Lastly, a left slant indicates that a person is in their own shell, and generally shies away from the spotlight. They are the elves, working hard behind-the-scene and are cautious. Interestingly, a left slant in a right-handed person's handwriting may hint at some kind of rebellion!

4. Some shapes define personalities, like the shape of your letters!

Now this may sound odd, but how you draw different letters of the alphabet showcases a good peek at your personality.

A few of them are :-

  • how you loop your 'L's: A narrow loop might mean that you are restricting yourself, which could quite possibly lead to building up of feelings of tension. A wide loop indicates a relaxed and spontaneous mind, which is free of anxiety and stress. These people are better at expressing themselves.
  • how you loop your 'e's: Narrow loops are symbolic of people who are sceptical of others, and hardly get swayed by others' emotions. Whereas, wider loops indicate that the person is open-minded, and gel along well with others.
  • how you dot your 'i's: Since there are endless ways in which people do this, there are different traits that can be reflected upon through this teeny-tiny aspect of your handwriting. A solid dot right above the 'i', means that you are detail-oriented and pretty organised. A hollow circle suggests a visionary, child-like mind. While dots too high up in the air indicate a superb imagination, a slash implies an over-critical mind. The latter are hard to please, and have no patience for people who are unwilling to improve themselves, or learn from their mistakes.
  • how you cross your 't's: There are two aspects to this one. A long cross means the person is determined, and enthusiastic — but very stubborn. Its shorter counterpart implies lethargy and dearth of determination. While a cross in the middle of the letter displays confidence, a cross on the high-end would mean you are ambitious, optimistic, and have high self-esteem.
  • how you shape your 'O': While we know you are typically fond of the big O, (who isn't?) here we are referring to the smaller 'o'. An open 'o' would depict a talkative, and a social person, while a closed 'o' means the person is supremely private about their life, more like an introvert.

5. What's all this 'Pressure'!

While some people glide like a gazelle, some others seem to take out their frustration in life, all of it, on the darn paper. In a nutshell, even the pressure with which you write has something to say about you! It essentially speaks of your vitality and inner security.

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People belonging to the heavy pressure category, are committed and forward-looking people who like to take things seriously. On the flip side, they may get uptight and react impulsively to criticism! If they are on the other side, they are more likely to be sensitive and empathetic, with a tendency of doubting themselves easily.

6. Speed — lightening fast or turtle-slow?

Our hand unleashes its inner Usain Bolt, mostly during exams or a reporting, but leaving that aside, generally the speed of your writing means something.

If you write fast — you are impatient, and have a tough time dealing with slow-pokes. If you write at a relatively slower pace, it means you are organised, methodical and mostly self-reliant!