10 Sneaky Ways Your Dog Says 'I Love You'

We are talking about the real kind of 'puppy love' here




A dog is a man (or a woman's) best friend. They give us unconditional love , cuddles and doggy kisses, lift us up when we are down and totally make our lives a better place.

Since our furry BFF's cannot talk to us , they have their own very special way of telling us how much they heart us , always and forever.

Here are ten ways in which our Doggies tell us they 'wuff' us , one adorable gesture at a time .

1.Staring directly into your eyes: It's their way of connecting with you, heart to heart.

2.Yawning when you yawn.

3. Leaning on you.

4.Cuddling with you after his meal : It's his way of showing you how important you are to him , now that he's dealt with his most important life motivation i.e. food.

5. Lifting their eyebrows: doggies use this facial movement to greet their owners , mostly as a token of their love.

6.Watching you leave calmly: That means they have conquered their separation anxiety and are placing you in a position of love and trust.

7. Going nuts when you return home from work.

8. Sleeping in your room: If he wants to sleep where you sleep, he's showing you his love.

9. Bringing you his favourite toy: He doesn't just want to play, it's his way of saying he cares.

10. Reciprocating with enthusiasm to your show of affection.