10 Signs You May Have Cervical Cancer

Warning signs, as told by Indian doctors.

Cancer. A word that sends chills down our spine. So much so that we tend to shove any information on it away , sweeping it under that carpet due to our fear of looking at it .

This however , is not the right approach AT ALL! Cervical cancer remains the leading cause of cancer related deaths in India and according to the Indian Council of Medical Research , if caught early can be completely treatable and curable .

This cancer is caused do to abnormal growth of cervix , area joining uterus to the vagina.

We have for you ten warning signs , that can help detect this issue early , and go a long way in securing your peace of mind and health. These are :

1.Unusual vaginal bleeding (In between periods and menopause)

2.Pain during sex.

3.Increased amount of discharge or foul smell from the vagina.


5. Edema or swelling of the legs

6.Pelvic, back or leg fatigue

7.Weight loss

8. Loss of appetite

9.Leak of urine or feces from vagina.

10. Difficulty urinating .

As embarrassing as some of these may sound , early awareness can save your life .If you experience even one of these symptoms , rush to your doctor and get a PAP smear test done at once. Better safe then sorry!