Purple Ube is Instagram's New Fave Food Trend


Just when you think you have seen it all, the food industry goes and does it again . After Brookies and Cronuts , the newest trend to being covered by all the food bloggers is something that has us all turning a little bit violet.

It's called Ube ( pronounced oo-bay) and believe it or not is completely natural and super yummy as well!

A root vegetable with a sweet taste like white chocolate , this one is all the rage, having it's moment in the food spotlight of late.

Though this is a common ingredient used in the Philippines, traditionally boiled to make a sweet pudding called Ube Halaya, it seems to have become a world wide craze of late, being used in cakes, doughnuts, ice-creams and more .

Looks yum, and super pretty in photographs as well. We for one , cannot wait to try it and are 'Ube' Excited to bits!