Yayyy! Cheese Is Officially the New Superfood You Should Be Eating RN

Move over avocado and green tea, there is a new 'cheese' on the block !




Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who are we do dis-a-Brie ?

'Cheesy' puns aside, it seems like we are finally being encouraged to celebrate our love for cheese.

Thats right , cheese is being proclaimed the new superfood on the block.

Forget green tea and blueberries, a new study has found that cheese may make you live longer.

Probiotics found in Swiss cheeses - such as Emmental and Gruyère – could help reduce inflammation and subsequently boost immunity.

These probiotics, which are also found in other dairy products such as milk, can also improve signs of ageing, the study claims.

The researchers concluded that the probiotics in Swiss cheeses extend lifespan by protecting against pathogens, provoking an anti-inflammatory effect on the immune system and lowering the body's stress responses.

Apart from that , Apparently, eating aged cheeses such as cheddar and brie could also increase , whilst another study earlier this year claimed that cheese-eaters were slimmer than those who avoided the tantalising treat.

There's even evidence to suggest that regularly consuming cheese can protect you from heart disease.

So to sum it up , eating Cheese can

1. Boost your immunity

2. Improve signs of aging

3. Lower your body's stress responses.

4. Help you stay in shape.

5. Protect you from heart disease and

6. Help you live longer .

Margarita pizza, anyone ? ?