8 Ways to Get That Good Night's Sleep We All Desperately Need

Dying to wake up fresh as a daisy for work? We will tell you exactly what you need to do.




We all know how the story goes. You have calculated exactly what time to go to bed to get your perfect 8 hrs of sleep, yet somehow you find yourself staying back for that extra drink, watching another episode on Netflix, scrolling through your phone or simply unable to sleep.

The result of this is that you end up oversleeping, missing your workout, breakfast and basically reaching work dead tired and cranky. Sounds familiar? Not getting enough sleep or being well rested is one of the major problems with our modern lifestyle today, and let's just say we are fed up!

But worry not, we have put together a list of tips and tricks to have you getting that blissful shut eye and waking up fresh for work, so read on...

1. Avoid overindulgence on weekends

Moderation is the key here, as going to bed really late on weekends and drinking too much alcohol will disrupt your cycle all week. Try and keep it from going too crazy and you should be able to sleep much faster on weekdays.

2. Get some exercise and fresh air

Exercise is one of the best things for your sleep , it also gets your melatonin to work better at night. Try to make sure you don't work out too late though, as it will keep your adrenaline pumping and disrupt your rest .

3. Say no to naps

As tempting as they can be , naps can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause sleeplessness at night. If you must get some rest , stick to a 20-30 min power nap which can do wonders for you.

4. Get organised the night before

Sometimes we can lie awake just thinking about the amount of things we need to get done the next day , getting sleepless with anxiety. Just take some time to make your plans and lists for the next day , so you can sleep without any stresss.

5. Don't watch TV right before you sleep

This is a terrible idea and a common mistake. The blue light of your television makes it harder for your brain to sleep once you go to bed. Same goes for your laptops and I pads as well.

6. Put away your phone Not only does the blue light rule also apply , but you can get distracted watching videos , reading articles and going on social media . Seriously , read a book instead.

7. Don't worry about sleep

Use self suggestion. Tell yourself you will feel great in the morning no matter how little you sleep, and if you can't get to switch off, just look forward to resting your body in bed. You will stop worrying and be asleep before you know it.

8. Listen to a soothing podcast

Or any classical music that will help you switch of your mind and doze off.