Diet or Exercise: Studies Have Spoken!

The answer may or may not make you happy




We know how hard it is to come home after 'leg day' and not eat chocolate cake to comfort yourself, because that defies the whole purpose(Arghh!). Well, losing weight has always been a no mean feat. But, dieting and exercise combined is one bitter pill that everyone who is trying to lose weight swallows. Fret not, because the age-old(-ish) question has finally been answered, and the result are semi-comforting. We say 'semi' because you'd still need to follow a controlled diet.

A study suggested that dieting and cutting down calorie intake would be much more efficient than exercising. However, the combination of two remains to be a winning combination.

If you rely entirely on exercise, you would notice that it makes you hungrier than usual. Many times we succumb to these hunger pangs and start consuming calories more than ever.

Take your pick, girls!