8 Effective Tips That'll Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolutions

Because 'New Year New Me' can get old pretty fast!




It is important to remember that you are, generally speaking, trying to change something about the way you live. It is important then, to remember that it helps to make the resolution, a part of your routine.

It's the first month of the year, and for many of us, all the plans that we made (you know, about transforming our lives and all) are slowly fading away. Let's face it, once the holidays are over and everyone is back to struggling with their daily routine, it's pretty darn easy to forget all our good intentions about making a change and inevitably slip.

Well, fear not, because we have decided to swoop in to rescue your goals and make your resolutions come true... *pauses for applause*

That's right, by following our simple points, you can actually go that extra mile and turn your new year resolutions into a reality. Read on.

1. Write it down : Have a notebook that is completely dedicated to your resolution. Manually track down progress, and jot down your thoughts and struggles on a daily/weekly basis. Make sure you review it.

2. Make it specific : Instead of simply wanting to lose weight, save money or get a better job, define exactly how much you want to change, by when, and then work towards it. Specifying and narrowing your goal can make it seem less intimidating, making it far easier to keep track of.

3. Find a partner : It may seem exciting and independent to do things on your own, but it can also get difficult to stay on track without any accountability. Making similar goals with a partner can help encourage your motivation and keep you on track. For example, setting a schedule with your partner to go to the gym especially on days when you're feeling supremely demotivated, can help you both stay on top of your goals. As a bonus, setting a budget with a partner can help you manage your expenses as well.

4.Start big and commit : Instead of easing into it, start right at the top, within realistic limits. Hit the gym immediately, set your alarm to your ideal wake-up time, and don't give your self any chances to slip.

5. Schedule it : Give your resolution a concrete angle—make a time for it. Lack of self-control is the most common obstacle that everyone faces, and to be able to actually realise your resolution into action, you need to let it become a habit, something that comes naturally to you.

6. Piggyback it : Team up your habit with another daily activity. Pairing things works – listen to that new podcast on your run or read on your commute every morning or take your vitamins with breakfast. This theory is backed up by a study from the London School of Health and Tropical Medicine, which studied how habits are formed. It suggests that people have an easier time bundling their habits on top of existing activities.

7. Don't give it up when you slip up : Perseverance is key, especially when forming a habit. Just because you messed up once (overate, spent or woke up late) doesn't mean you have to abandon the plan. Keep at it for success.

And finally..

8. Plan a reward : Keep short-term and long-term targets and give yourself a reward (cheat meal, holiday, spa day, party) every time you hit a goal. This will keep things fun.

So gear up and get set go.....you can do it !