Here's Why You Should Eat Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

Not that we need a reason, but it might actually be good for you!

Science never ceases to baffle us. Apart from curing diseases and improving our lives in every possible way, science is now allowing us to eat chocolate cake, that too to better our health. Whoa!

That's right, reach for your dessert forks people, a study conducted by Syracuse University found that eating chocolate cake can improve your memory and cognitive function .

Therefore, eating it for breakfast can help prepare you for your workday.

In fact, studies also claim that it can help you lose weight (wait,what?)

Eating cake in the morning means your body has the whole day to digest it, rather then eating it later in the day. This stands true for anything you eat, actually. It's better to get your cravings done within the morning, so that you don't cheat later and have enough time to burn it off.