66 Questions You Can't Ask Your Gyno

Condom allergies, pulling out, inverted nipples…don't worry, Cosmo has all the answers, in the most straight-forward way possible!




Your guy's hell bent on turning you on but isn't finding that switch. Before you freak out and conclude that your sexual plumbing is messed up, keep reading, ID the hidden causes, and start feeling sexy again.

What should my labia look like?

Plump or thin, even or asymmetrical, inches long or barely there. If they don't cause discomfort, they're normal.

Is 'pulling out' effective birth control?

No way. It's tough for guys to hold off and withdraw in time.

Are there any health risks to being totally hairfree down there?

Barring any waxing mishaps or infected ingrown hairs, no.

I think I have chlamydia. How would I know?

Heavy, greenish yellow discharge and burning while peeing. But you won't always have signs, so get tested ASAP.

What can I use to get rid of pubic pimples?

Dab on salicylic acid. Or if they're close to your labia, wash with soap and water.

Are condom allergies common?

Very few people are allergic to condoms made of latex. They can use non-latex condoms.

I've been with my guy for a while, and I was just diagnosed with HPV. Does that mean he cheated?

No. You may have picked it up years ago and the infection only now showed up on a test.

Men do testicle self-exams. Should I be examining my vulva?

Just do a monthly visual check with a hand mirror for suspicious moles, bumps, or lesions.

Can I get my inverted nipples to point out?

They usually pop out temporarily when you're turned on. But without surgery, there's no permanent way.

My vagina is often really itchy, but I know it's not a yeast infection. What could it be?

Probably an allergic reaction to soap or lotion. If switching these doesn't help, have your gyno investigate.

How long after sex will STD symptoms show?

Bacterial STDs may appear within weeks; viruses can take a year or longer. But STDs often have no symptoms.

Even after a shower, I smell down there. How can I get rid of it?

If the odour is unusual for you, see your gyno. Otherwise, don't worry: vaginas are supposed to be musky.

Am I likely to get pregnant during my period?

No, but it happens. Sperm can live in your body for up to seven days, during which you could ovulate.

What colour should daily discharge be?

White or clear, depending on where you are in your cycle.

Is it weird to queef during intercourse?


Is it normal to get wet in non-sexual situations?

Yes, just like guys getting erections when they're not horny.

Can I get an STD by swallowing semen?

Yes, but swallowing isn't the issue. You can contract STDs from any oral contact.

Could I have a breast growth spurt in my 20s?

Yes, it's common between ages 20 and 23.

Will my vagina permanently change in any way after I have a baby?

It might. But for the most part, it's designed to stretch then return to its shape.

Are blood clots in my period cause for concern?

Probably not, but see your doc. Large clots can signal fibroids, which are common, benign growths in the uterus.

If my guy has a wart on his hand and he touches my vulva, could I get a wart there?

It's possible but not likely, so don't panic about it.

How would I know if my clitoris is unusually big?

Average size is 1.5-2 cmin length, and a little bit under 1 cm in width. As long as it swells and becomes sensitive when you're aroused, you're fine.

Should I worry if my vulva is tender after sex?

If it was a long round, no. Just give it time to recoup.

I had an abortion. Will it be harder for me to get pregnant?

As long as there were no complications (like an infection), no.

Is it normal to have pubic hair all the way to my anus?

Yes. If it bugs you, consider having it waxed or lasered off.

Why are my nipples hard even when I'm not cold or turned on?

They simply could be super-sensitive. Or it's a size thing: women with smaller breasts tend to have perkier nipples.

Is it weird if I squirt liquid from my vagina when I have an orgasm?

No. Some women ejaculate fluid (no, it isn't urine) during orgasm.

I think I may be allergic to my boyfriend's semen. Is that possible?

It's extraordinarily rare. If your vulva swells, you probably need extra lube or a break from sex.

How much discharge should I have daily?

Up to two teaspoons, but it varies throughout the month.

Is there a way to tell the difference between a harmless bump and an STD?

You can't. If it doesn't go away in a week (ingrown hairs and pimples generally do), see your gyno.

Why am I not as horny when I'm on the Pill?

Some contraceptives can suppress the production of natural hormones that affect libido.

What can I do to make anal sex safe?

Use lube and a condom, go slowly, and don't switch from anal to vaginal.

I have HPV. Will getting the vaccine get rid of it?

No, but it could protect you from other types of HPV.

How do I get a 'lost' tampon out of my vagina?

Squat, bear down, insert a finger, and 'sweep' the vaginal wall. If that doesn't work, see your gyno.

What colour should my pee be?

Colourless to dark yellow, depending on how hydrated you are.

Do I need to clean my sex toy every time I use it?

Yes. Use warm soapy water; it's safe for silicone. Avoid 'jelly rubber' toys, which can't be easily disinfected.

I almost always get UTIs after intercourse. How can I prevent them?

Drink a cup of cranberry juice or take one cranberry-extract pill daily. And always pee after sex.

Semen leaks out of me after sex. Does that mean I'm not tight or I won't be able to get pregnant?

No, neither. Even if a lot drips out after ejaculation, plenty stays in.

Will my vaginal lips hang lower as I get older?

They might, but not noticeably.

Why is there an odour when my guy's semen and my wetness mix?

It's a chemical reaction between semen and vaginal secretions.

In some sex poses, I feel like I may pass gas. Why?

The tissue between your vagina and rectum is ultra-thin. You may get that feeling if your guy thrusts deep.

Does diet affect the taste and smell of my vagina?

It can, but if the taste and scent are unusual, it's more likely to be a sign of an infection.

Is it risky to let a guy blow inside my vagina while he goes down on me?

Yes. While very unlikely, it could result in a deadly embolism.

A lot of the time, I'm so wet during sex, there's no friction. What can I do?

Have him pull out, wipe off with a towel, then continue.

Why does my sex drive skyrocket when I have my period?

Levels of progesterone, a hormone that can squash libido, are down at this point in your cycle.

My labia gets in the way when my guy enters me. Should I be worried?

No. Pull them aside as he penetrates or use lube.

Can you use yoghurt to treat a yeast infection. Is it any good?

Inserting a dollop (with live active cultures) on the end of a tampon may ease irritation but won't cure it.

Sometimes sex with my boyfriend burns. Why?

It may just be dryness. If extra lube doesn't help, it could be a yeast infection.

The condom broke. What do I do?

Within three days, take emergency contraception (Plan B), which you can buy at a pharmacy without a prescription.

Will using a vibrator desensitise my clitoris?

You'd have to use it multiple times every day for that to happen. It's easily reversible: take a week off.

My breasts are so sensitive that I can orgasm just from having them touched. Am I okay?

Normal and lucky.

What does a little blood in my urine mean?

It may be a urinary tract infection (UTI). See your gyno for a test and antibiotics.

Is it okay for him to stay in me after he ejaculates into the condom?

Only until his erection softens, at which point he must pull out or semen can spill into your vagina.

Can waxing cause STDs?

It's unlikely, but cut your odds by going to a salon with a no-doubledip-in-the-wax policy.

Is nipple discharge ever okay?

Yes, if it's clear. Check in with your gyno if it's bloody or milky.

Is it okay if my clitoris is covered with skin?

Yes, that's called a clitoral hood.

Will sex feel better if I'm hair-free down there?

It might since the skin is exposed and more sensitive to touch.

What's the white stuff between the folds of my vulva?

Sebum, a normal secretion from the oil glands.

After I exercise, my crotch stinks. Should I use vaginal deodorant?

No. If the smell bothers you, try sports underwear to wick away sweat.

I often feel like I'm going to pee when I have sex. What can I do?

Pee right before sex. And avoid doggie-style, which can put pressure on the bladder.

What can I do to have an orgasm during sex?

Don't rely on just penetration. Have him stimulate your clitoris (or do it yourself).

Why do I feel a quick, sharp pain when my guy thrusts too deep?

He's probably hitting your cervix or your bladder.

Am I more likely to get an infection from a guy who's uncircumcised?

Probably not, but yeast and bacteria can hide under the foreskin. If he washes there with soap daily, you're fine.

I have gigantic nipples. Should I be embarrassed?

No. Areolae and nipples come in a wide range of sizes unrelated to the size of your breasts.

Will a guy be able to tell if I've had an abortion?


Could I get pregnant if my guy finishes near my vagina but not in me?