11 Struggles of Having a Virgo Best Friend

"Are there more than three people at this party? I'm going to have to call you back."




  1. ​Virgos may have received the 'forgive and forget' mandate, but they totally reject the second clause. "Remember that time when were five and your ripped my Barbie's jeans?" Ouch! She'll still be best friends with you, but she will never, ever forget!
  2. If you're looking for a shoulder to cry on, your Virgo bestie will probably give you a cold, hard stare. Is she a cold-hearted bitch? The opposite. She'll remind you of how strong you are and then give you advice you actually put into practice.
  3. Oh yeah…she's as practical as it gets! So while you're ordering your thirteenth cocktail and getting trashed, she's probably the one booking a cab and making sure everything is in order. Hey, somebody's got to get the bratty bunch home!
  4. She pretty much thrives on order and precision. "Please keep the earrings in the back cupboard, third drawer from the left, right next to rose gold pair." The best part? She probably knows where to find a pair of black leotards in that disaster stricken wardrobe of yours as well!
  5. She's very proper about everything in general. And boy, does she feel strongly about certain things! "She wore an pair of creased trousers for a grocery run?! Oh dear!"
  6. If a Virgo wants to have a lazy day in, no force in the world can drag her out! "What if I buy you a crate of wine?" "Nu-uuuh, sister!"
  7. "So it's going be, you, me and Sana." "Sana? Who's Sana? You've never told me about Sana!" She'll love you to bits, but if you throw an unknown person into the equation, she'll go completely berserk. Ditto if you invite her for a random party with more than three peeps on the guest list!
  8. Food is her drug, really. So, whatever you do, don't get her standard order wrong! "Why is there truffle oil in my creamy mushroom pasta?!"
  9. She's super career-oriented. So, if you've made a post-work drinks plan with her and something comes up, chances are she will postpone your plan. Priorities are priorities, right?
  10. Loyalty is everything. Take your committed Virgo bestie when you want to let your roving eye have a party and chances are you will give you the stink eye!
  11. Tell her you've run out of coffee powder, and she'll probably appear at your doorstep with a carton of it along with your fave cookies! Her big, warm generous heart, combined with her ability to b*tchslap anybody who tries to harm you is just one of the reasons why you love her as much as you do!