10 Struggles of Having a Taurean Best Friend

"Did you say Zara? Because that is just so pedestrian."




  1. Horns for hands. Literally. Tee hee. Get a Taurean to do something she does want to. I dare you!
  2. Getting her to agree with you when she doesn't want to! Logic be damned. "Red and pink makes for a fabulous combination, and that's just what you're going to wear!"
  3. Her affinity for all things fancy, especially when you want to keep it simple. "I'm sorry! Did you say Zara? Because that is just so pedestrian."
  4. And her larger-than-life opinions! What do you get when somebody on the table challenges them? Cue: World War III.
  5. Challenge #4: Get her to apologise. 'Sorry, but I'm not sorry' was created for your Taurean bestie.
  6. Too much practicality rolled into one person. And by that we mean they have a Plan B-Z. Challenge #5: Try taking a detour when your bestie has decided which way you're going.
  7. When it comes to food they have one policy, which is 'Joey does not share food'. Getting your bff to share her fries, especially with somebody she doesn't like, is the most Herculean task you will ever do.
  8. Plus, there's no such thing as too much food. 'I'd like a burger with wedges on the side. Oh, make it double cheese, add a large coke, and half a dozen slices of garlic bread."
  9. Too much information. Waaaaay too much information. Taureans are pretty unabashed about how they like to get down and dirty. So you're going to find out exactly what she did where!
  10. Ask her to share you with somebody, and watch how those claws come out. Possessive is such a sexy trait, even in a friend. Just one of the reasons you love your loyal as hell Taurean bestie to bits.