Here's How to Win at Your Diet

5 simple rules!

  1. Doing it for the right reasons. Strike 'Mission: Skinny B*tch' out of your list. Pin 'Getting fit and winning at life' on the top. Remember: it is all about embracing and enhancing the shape of your natural body, not getting Deepika Padukone-esque curves.
  2. A toned body is your reward, not a slice of pie. Focus, Focus. When you exercise with the intention of treating yourself to dessert (or whatever you're lusting after) later, you're doing it all wrong.  Pay attention to getting into shape, instead. Once, you start seeing the changes, that sugar-laden piece of poison will be the last thing that matters.
  3. Get moving. Eating right isn't enough. Moving around is mandatory. So run, walk around, dance in circles or simply indulge in some downward dog. Whatever gets your blood rushing.
  4. Train your mind, not just your body. When you tell your body that you're going to skip dinner and eat a salad instead because it is 'supposed' to be good for you, you're basically saying, "Hey! I'm making a compromise." The second you convince your body fresh Romaine lettuce topped with the goodness of bell peppers and sunflower seeds is good for you, all that butter chicken will pale in comparison. So agave over sugar, soy milk over cow's mil. So start making small changes everyday until it becomes a way of life.
  5. Conviction. The wedding, cocktail and birthday invites are going to keep coming in. Are you going to use that as an excuse? Load on the grilled veggies, and sip lemon water (with some Himalayan pink salt, please!) You know you're going to have the last laugh!