10 Struggles of Having a Cancerian Best Friend

Total number of emotions experienced per minute: 487




  1. ​When you're like 'Let's get smashed and pick up half a dozen boys' and she be like 'Waiting on my soulmate'.
  2. I mean getting her to do anything random is a Herculean task. "You did not say house party!"
  3. Or taking her to one of those momo places down the street. "Sorry darling. I only do dimsums. At Hakkasan."
  4. Try to get her out of the house on Sunday when she cuddling in bed with her dog. It's a dare!
  5. Her idea of stress eating is probably a barrel of cinnamon-laced banana smoothie. Who sins with ice-cream or cheesecake, raaaaight?
  6. I mean who sins at all. Talk to your Cancerian bestie about 'controversial' things like cheating or sexting, and chances are she will give you the stink eye.
  7. The most mundane comments lead to soul-searching conversations. "You know, I really hate it when mosquitoes wake me up at 4." "I think it's the Feng Shui. Also, take these incense sticks and rid your room of all negativity."
  8. Fighting with her is just the worst! She'll tell you things as they are (no sugar-coating!), and subsequently go underground because confrontation is too painful, you know!
  9. When she comes back from from a mini-vacation with her bae and you exclaim, "OMG! Tell me everything", she smiles her mysterious smile and casually says, "Oh! It was nice."
  10. Her ability to feel everything too deeply, whether it concerns her or others. Your bestie is probably crying buckets because of something that happened on TV! And that along with her warm, motherly embrace, and ability to save the world, is just one of the #387 reason you love her so much!