Going Dutch? Make Sure You Get This App First!

And there's more where that came from.




​Every time I go out with my friends, we have an argument about splitting the bill. Someone pays the full amount, you pay them back. Then there is the dilemma about, 'if I didn't drink wine, should I still be paying for it?' 'Are we adding the right tip amount?' Plus the trauma of using math to solve the payment situation just makes it worse.

Does that happen to you?

So we discovered an app that solves all of that.

Billr, an app for iOS and iPod Touch devices actually splits the bill for you. It's simple: you can add a maximum of 16 participants and the app will actually calculate the amount of money each person is meant to pay up; depending on what they've ordered, of course. Isn't that so convenient?

And we don't mean splitting just the cost of dishes. The app takes into account tip, tax, and you can also feed in any item that might have been shared by the table. So, if you've ordered a bottle of wine for the table, you can add that as a cost for everyone, along with the separate tax that you pay for alcohol.

The only problem is that the app isn't free. It costs 120 rupees to download, which we agree is steep, but it's totally worth it. At the end of the calculation, you can either show the individual amount to everyone on your phone, or send a customized bill to your friends through text or email.

Android users can try out this other app called Splitwise. It does the exact same thing, except it can also keep a track of any shared travel or household expenses you might have. So if you've got housemates or are going on a holiday with your friends, then this one is blessing! Yes, this app is available for the iPhone as well.

When you think about what the app does, it sounds simple, but it's so useful! I've tried and I use it every time I go out. Easy-peasy!

How about you give it a go this weekend? And thank us later!