This Company Created Prosthetic Arms That Are Making Young Kids Feel Like Superheroes





​Imagine if you could look like a real superhero? Say Iron Man? Joel Gibbard, a British robotics engineer and founder of Open Bionics has spent the last three months on a Disney campus creating low-cost prosthetic hands for young amputees and children born without hands. And they're fashioned after Disney characters.

You can choose a lightsabre, like the one in Star Wars, an Iron Man hand, and a glittery one that's inspired by Elsa, the character from the Disney film Frozen. And what's cooler is the fact that these prosthetic hands perform different functions. Apart from the fact that these hands can be controlled by electric signals sent by the user's muscles, the lightsabre hand emits a black gauntlet and the electronic buzz that's similar to the one you hear in the movie itself. You can even change the colour of lightsabre. And the Iron Man hand is fitted with a pulsar blaster. How cool is that?

So kids around the world now have the option to get a prosthetic hand that is both helpful and cool! Instead of feeling disadvantaged, kids can now feel like actual superheroes. And you might think they're expensive but they're actually not.

It's the best news we've heard so far!