This 11-Year-Old Indian Girl Can Create a Highly Secure Password For You…

…with the help of dice!




​"Using a proven methodology, I build long, strong, memorable passwords using string of words from the dictionary that I select using dice." That's what six grade student Mira Modi says on her website dicewarepasswords.com.

Believe it or not but this 11-year-old girl living in New York City actually creates extremely secure, almost uncrackable passwords for any person who approaches her. And all with the role of a dice. Still don't get it?

Mira's service, Diceware Passwords builds you an extremely secure password for the small price of $2, using the Diceware system. Sure most systems or programs ask you to create a password that contains one upper case character, one lower case character, one number, one special character and what not! But those passwords are actually really tough to remember.

The Diceware Method, created by Arnold G Reinhold, has proven to be surprisingly simpler. It basically creates 'passphrases' for you. You roll the dice six times and match the numbers to corresponding words in a Diceware dictionary, one that contains close to 7000 uncommon words from the English dictionary. Now, string all those words together and you have a password that is secure than most.

So, what does Mira do?

Well, when you ask her to, Mira rolls the dice and actually calculates the password for you. She then writes it down on a paper and mails it to you by post (that's actually safer than email by the way, and Mira specifies this on her website). And what's more her website answers any questions that you may have before you buy a password; in detail. How Diceware works? How do you know she's not stealing your passwords? How do you remember the passwords?

So, what do you think? Dare to leave your online privacy in the hands of a 11-year-old and the role of the dice?