The Cosmo India Team is Sick of These Grammatical Errors

And you should be too!

​Nandini Bhalla, Editor

Rule #1

"It's" stands for "it is". While "its" stands for "its own". Memorise it!

Meghna Sharma, Features Editor

You mean you're attending the ceremony, right? So you say, "I have to attend a wedding."

Salva Mubarak, Digital Writer

Joining You and All does not a word make. You have to give up already!

Karishma Rajani, Features Writer

Either say "Hey" or a "Hi". Bro, you've got to pick a side.

Saumyaa Vohra, Features Writer

What a difference the little "not" makes.

Amandeep Kaur, Fashion Editor

Case in Point: "Your head literally did not explode."

Navya Anand, Beauty Writer

You like my "cat eye", not my "cat eyeliner". Since I don't own eyeliner that comes with a cat.

Raina Talukder, Digital Writer

Your loose usage of words is making me lose my mind.