This ONE Trick Can Easily Stop You From Overeating!

And it's actually very simple!




While we do understand that sometimes over eating can't be avoided, especially those sometimes when there's pizza (always when there's pizza), but now there is a way to easily avoid overeating!

A recent study suggests that just by listening to yourself eat, or concentrating a little while chewing, can help you in portion control and will not let you over eat!

YES. It is that simple!

The researchers asked the subjects to eat cookies as loudly as they can, as quietly as they can and in the regular way they ate.

The people who ate them really loudly ate significantly less than they'd usually eat, showing same results as the people who ate them very quietly. The people who ate them normally ate a significantly more amount of cookies than the rest.

The study also replaced the cookies with other food item and discovered that the more you listen or concentrate on your chewing, the less you ate!

"...(the study) shows that increased attention to the sound the food makes, or food sound salience, may serve as a consumption monitoring cue leading to reduced consumption," the research paper quotes.

So next time you want to avoid OD-ing on pizza you know what to do!