9 Things You Will Only Understand If You Have a Younger Sister

"Everything will always be your fault"




1) She will want to go everywhere you go. Whether you are going to the mall, library, on a date, hanging out with friends, shopping... your sister will always want to come along! 

2) Your friends = her friends. Your sister will truly believe that your friends are her friends! She may even be notorious and put up a 'I'm cool' front to fit in with your clique.

3) You will constantly find your clothes in her closet. The frustration of finding your favorite skirt in your sister closet will never get old. Oh and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon! 

4) Arguing about her snooping through your phone will become second nature. She wants to know everything you are doing at all times so checking out your text messages, Instagram, Facebook is basically her job. 

5) ​Your parents will always put you on babysitting duties. You may get used to canceling plans with your friends because you have to watch your sister. It's sadly part of the sister contract.

6) Everything will always be your fault. Your parents will somehow manage to find you to blame for everythingggggg because your sissy is too 'innocent' to do anything wrong.

7) You will always find yourself defending her. "No one can yell at my sister but me!" will always be your mentality! And anyone that messes with her, will have to deal with you first! 

8) You will always find yourself randomly worried about her. Ironically, you may find your motherly instincts kick in if your sister is out late or doing something out of your comfort! 

9) It will secretly feel really cool to have someone look up to you. In your heart, you will always know that as annoying as your sister may be, she looks up to you and you will love her for that!