9 Times You Were Jealous of Your Sister

It's totally normal!




1) When you realized your jeans looked better on her. 
At this point, she can keep those jeans! 

2) When she cooked food and it tasted AMAZING!
Even you couldn't stop licking your fingers...

3) When your friends got excited to hang with her! 
"OMG! Your sister is coming too?! YAY!!!!" *eye roll*

4) When she got better grades in school. 
Ok, now this is just unfair. 

5) When her hair looked like perfection.
...without barely styling it! 

6) When she got more compliments than you.
"Your sister is so pretty!" "She has such a nice smile!" blah blah blah

7) When she landed her dream job. 
While you are still trying out figure out what to do with your life!

8) When your parents were nicer to her.
..."but what about me?!"

9) When she had the perfect boyfriend.
...and you were sooo jealous!