How to Feel More Confident In 30 Seconds

Even if you're feeling nervous and jittery.




STAND tall and upright. Straighten your shoulders and suck in your tummy. This makes you look taller and more self-assured.

DRESS in whatever makes you feel sexy. When you know you're looking good, you automatically send out confident vibes. Many experts recommend creating a 'sexy capsule wardrobe' with a selection of 10 outfits that make you feel your best. Whenever you need a confidence boost, pick one of these outfits.

SMILE a lot. Not in a goofy psychotic way, but more of a life-is-great-and-I'm-happy way. Laughter also boosts feel-good endorphins. When you smile—even if it's fake—the action fools your brain into thinking it's happy, and that, in turn, also make you feel more self-assured.

WALK like a supermodel to emit sassiness and sensuality. Do it like this: keep your head up, eyes straight ahead and shoulders squeezed back. Let your arms swing naturally, and add a hint of swagger to your stride.

MODULATE your voice and articulate every word. When we are nervous, we tend to speak very fast or in a high-pitched voice. Speak in a tone that's a little deep. And slow down your pace so every word sounds sexy.

HOLD eye contact while talking to people. This shows that you are not self-conscious, and are totally comfortable making conversation.