9 Things to Keep at Your Work Desk

...to be prepared for anything!




Your desk at work says a lot about you to your coworkers. Instead of filling it with things you will never use, check out our list of things to keep on your desk that will get you ready to take on the world...at work! 

1) Company/job cheat sheet. If you work in a job that requires you to memorize names/formulas/dates, it may be wise to keep a cheat sheet on your desk so you always look like a rockstar!

2) Makeup essentials. A compact, lipstick and mascara is all you need to look from NAY to YAY right on your desk!

3) Breath mints/gum. Just ate a mouthful of onions and now have to run into a meeting? Pop a breath mint for a quick refresher!

4) Deodorant. If you find yourself smelling a bit funky, just whip our your deodorant to combat any B.O!

5) Light snacks. You know 11:00am and 3:00 pm means snack time! Pack your desk with delicious snacks to save some $$!

6) Office supplies. Your desk should never look like its filled with everything but office supplies so be sure to stock up on pens, notebooks and other office supplies!

7) Pair of nude/black heels. Maybe you have been invited to after work drinks and you realize your flats are just not appropriate, slip on your heels and you are ready to go!

8) Sweater. For all those times the AC gets blasted, your sweater to the rescue!

9) Blazer. If you walked into the office and get called into an impromptu meeting, a blazer is there to save the day!