7 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

Bored of the usual dinner? Try this!




​Dinner date after dinner date can get boring! If you are looking to have some fun under the sun, try some of our favorite outdoor date ideas that you and your BF will surely love! 

1) Rock Climbing. 
A fun activity for you to try with your bae that is competitive, super fun and will (literally) bring you close together!

2) Grab ice cream.
Is there anything better than getting ice cream in hot weather? We think not! Suggesting grabbing ice cream with your BF for a 'just because' date!

3) Check out your local zoo. 
Yes! We are totally serious about having a date at your local zoo! It will give you a chance to learn about the animals...and one another! 

4) Picnic at your local park.
Picnic dates are a classic but you can make this unique and special by showing off your 'cooking' skills 

5) Hit up a rooftop. 
Grabbing a quick drink at your favourite rooftop is both casual and a fun way to get the conversation going! 

6) Explore your city. 
Don't know where to go? Why not just walk around together in your city? This is a great way to get to know your date in a very casual setting! 

7) Go hiking. 
If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, try hiking with your bae! It's exciting, physical and you two will have a blast together!