7 Things You Will Only Understand If You Sleep Super Late


You have probably heard of the saying 'early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'. pssst! Yeah, right! Here are 7 things only people who love sleeping late will understand! 

1) Nighttime is your special time to catch up on Netflix. 
You promise to only watch one episode, it's not your fault Netflix auto plays the next one! 

2) Cleaning is so much better at night. 
Somehow you clean even better at night! 

3) Trying to go to sleep early is a joke.
Asleep by
 11:00pm? HAAA! That's just when your night is starting!

4) The morning after...sucks. 
Feeling like a total zombie at work is totes normal! 

5) And then you swear to sleep early tonight.
...but you just lay in bed wide awake wanting to do something...ANYTHING, but sleep! 

6) Nighttime = my time! 
You are very territorial about your alone time.

7) You are super productive. 
No one to bother you means getting sh*t done!