7 Foods You Hated as a Child But Love as an Adult

From yuck to yummy!




Remember when you were young and your mom made you eat certain things that made you *gag*, but now as an adult you literally cannot get enough?! Here are our top 7 picks of food that might have made you nauseous as a child, but now makes you drool as an adult. #ilovefood 

1) Bitter melon aka karela 

Every time your mom made karelas, you wanted to crawl under your bed and never come out. Now, you to visit your mom and always ask her to make this bitter-delicious goodness! 

2) Broccoli

As a child, even the sight of these miniature green trees was enough to make you puke. As an adult, you say: "Gimme more of these healthy and yummy greens!"

3) Chai

The sight of your parents drinking hot chai was enough to make you shut your eyes as a child, but now, chai = life! 

4) Ocra aka Bhindi

The slimy green sticks were never appealing to you as a child, but as a grown up, you cannot get enough of this amazing dish! 

5) Peas

Mushy peas never seemed gross when you were young, but now, these healthy little greens are your go-to vegetable! 

6) Mushrooms

You always thought as a kid that mushrooms looked, smelled, felt weird...but as an adult, mushrooms are a total treat! 

7) Dark chocolate

You always stayed away from dark chocolate growing up (like what's the point of eating bitter chocolate?!) As an adult, you love and cherish every bite of this little piece of heaven!