5 YouTube Entrepreneurs We Are Completely Obsessed With


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1) Lilly Singh
Total subscribers: 8.4million
First on our list is the one and only, Lilly Singh who has build an extremely impressive YouTube following of over 8.4 million subscribers all over the world. From highly related videos to hilarious skits, Lilly's videos will surely have you laughing till your stomach hurt! She also recently toured the world on 'A Trip to Unicorn Island' and recently collaborated with Smashbox cosmetics to create her very own lipstick called 'Bawse'.

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2) Zoella
Total subscribers:10.6million
One of England's biggest YouTube sensations,Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is your best friend next door, talking to you about all things beauty, life advice, cooking and so much more! Along with multiple brand collaborations, Zoe also has her very own beauty line called 'Zoe Beauty' with best selling (and affordable!) perfumes, soap bars and more!

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3) Jaclyn Hill
Total subscribers: 3million
Jaclyn Hill started her YouTube channel 4 years ago by filming a smoke eye makeup tutorial and has since taken the beauty community by storm! Last year, she collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to create her own face highlight called 'Champagne pop' which quickly became one of the best selling highlighters for both Becca and Sephora. Because of the success of Champagne Pop, Jaclyn recently launched a full collection with Becca called 'Champagne glow' featuring 4 new additions to the Champagne pop collection! 

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4) ​Michelle Phan
Total subscribers: 8.5million
Michelle Phan is easily one of the most recognized beauty gurus on the internet. With over 8.5 million subscribers, she is our go-to girl for everything beauty and the hottest trends in the beauty and cyber space. Michelle is also the co-founder of Ipsy, which is a monthly subscription of personalized beauty and sample products with over a million members! 

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5) Bunny Meyer
Total subscribers: 6.9million
Bunny Meyer aka 'Grav3yardgirl' is best known on YouTube for her hilarious 'Does this thing really work' videos, where she tries out 'As seen on TV' products to find out if they actually work! Her unique personality sets her apart from others. She has collaborated with brands like Beauty Con to create her very own subscription box and also recently partnered with Tarte Cosmetics to release her very own line of beauty products!