17 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Deciding What to Wear

'I have nothing to wear. No wait, I have way too much to wear.'




We've all been there, standing in front of the cupboard, with literally no idea what to wear, cursing all your clothes yet knowing full well that you have way too many clothes. Apparently, women spend an average of 17 minutes per day deciding what to wear - it sounds small, but adds up quick.In fact, in just a year, that quarter of an hour each day amounts to four days of time spent on figuring out which shirt will work with the weather, if those trousers match that top and if the day will call for proper walking shoes or painful yet glamorous heels. Yikes! We empathise, don't worry. These are the 17 thoughts that we've all had while staring into the wardrobe abyss...

1) 'I have nothing to wear.' Just... nothing.

2) 'Okay, no, I actually have way too many clothes.' How are you supposed to navigate it all?

3) 'I need that computer program from Clueless.' We all need it.

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4) 'Can I wear this? Oh wait, it's got a stain.' Make that two stains.

5) 'Will anyone notice that I wore this exact outfit two days ago?' Don't worry — only you know the truth. And that colleague who pays an eerie amount of attention to your outfits.

6) 'How about this? Oh, nope, that doesn't fit anymore.' Always nice to know your closet is stocked full of things that don't even fit you.

7) 'This skirt is so cute, I'll wear this! Wait, I don't have any of the right underwear to wear under it.' Of course.

8) 'How is it possible to have so many clothes and yet zero clothes?' The world just doesn't make sense.

9) 'Ugh, I should just burn this whole closet to the ground.' Why not, at this point?

10) 'Hey, maybe I'm on to something. Should I just throw it all away and start fresh?' It could be nice to get a whole new wardrobe...

11) 'Never mind, that's a lot of work.' And will cost a whole lot of money.

12) 'Why isn't it socially acceptable to walk around in pajamas? Kids do it.' And we've seen celebrities do it. That doesn't seem fair.

13) 'Plus, shopping is really overrated.' Just thinking about those queues is exhausting.

14) 'I should just stop wearing clothes, honestly. Nudists seem very happy. Even streakers seem happy.' They sure do.

15) 'Or maybe we should just all get uniforms, even for adulthood.' Preferably uniforms that are also really stylish.

16) 'Okay, this fits. This finally fits. Thank you, God.' Phew!

17) 'Mirror verdict: it's fine. I look like a person. Wearing clothes.' Congratulations, self!