This Everyday Reaction Could Tell You Who's a Psycho

It's probably the most common thing that happens at work ...ever!




There are some people around us who we are always unsure of and might seem a little bit ..well ...strange. Well, now thanks to a new study , experts have revealed how to find out who the are!

The answer lies in yawning! Yes... believe it or not someone who doesn't 'catch' a yawn is more likely to exhibit psychopath tendencies.

It's pretty simple, yawning is genuinely contagious, and spotting someone around you yawn is usually enough to set you off as well .

So much so that most people can't even read the words 'yawn' or 'yawning' without having to do so themselves or causing an outbreak.

However, if there is someone in your midst that remains immune to this, chances are you should keep an eye out for that person. The reason? experts reveal that 'catching ' yawning is associated with the same part of the brain that is linked to empathy and bonding. This is a trait also seen in social animals such as dogs and chimps.

Psychopaths, who are defined in part as people lacking empathy ... are immune to this phenomena.

However, don't call the cops just as yet. Just because someone doesn't yawn when you do does not mean they are an ax murderer. It is just indicative that they have tendencies to be less empathetic and more selfish and disconnected from society then everyone else, so this may be a good point to stay a little vary of them.

I don't know about you ... but i am suddenly feeling really sleepy after reading this article!