Things You Will Only Get If You Went Modern School VV

Everything of any importance always happened at the basketball court

1. Your favourite pass time was to ruin Mrs. Mahajan's lawn, without getting caught of course.

2.Samson's credit in the canteen was what kept the economy going.

3.Holi celebrations in school were looked forward to all year.

4.12th standard v/s junior students Rugby farewell matches were a sacred tradition.

5.Sitting by the basketball quad(or what locals called court) for hours was the only reason you bunked classes.

6. Ex principal K.J. Wahi was a total chiller.

7.You always wore your socks around your ankles.

8.Uniforms were never to be taken off, like ever! Even after school and maybe even at bedtime .

9.Priya Cinemas in Vasant Vihar market was the coolest and most important place to hang out.

10.Mr. Sattu was constantly opening the windows to let the air force in. (prepare for attack!)

11.Playing hand squash in the Junior School Audi or balconies was the favourite pass time.

12. Ordering Nirula's pizza for break time was the ultimate treat.

13.Seth sir confiscated errrybody's cell phones, only to return them later in the day.

14.Band practice for M-Ecstacy, the annual music compilation was taken very seriously.

15.Junior School rock garden was the place for all things romantic.

16.Sending anonymous roses at the annual fete in December was the ultimate declaration of love.

And lastly.....

17.All the cool boys had ripped shirt pockets , it was mandatory.