15 Steps to Look Slimmer in Just ONE Day!

We pinky promise there are no magic tricks involved!




Losing weight is a process of hard work and dedication, there is no denying that! However , ​we do have a few tricks to make you feel lighter in just one day . Whether it is to a way to kick start your diet process , or just fit in to the oh so sexy dress, here are a few moves that can help you de bloat and go from flab to fab in just 24 hours.


1. Drink hot water and lemon : This wonder drink helps to wake up your digestive system and get your systems going. Add some green tea to the mix to make your perfect and healthy early morning cuppa.

2.Ditch the dairy : Dairy can cause bloating and discomfort , especially when consumed in the AM. Eliminate milk , cheese and cream from your morning breakfast for a slimmer waistline.

3. Start with some yoga : Yoga moves help detox the system and aids digestion, while stretching out and lengthening your torso.

4. Eat some fruit: Tropical fruits like papaya and pineapples have enzymes that help banish the bloat , break down protein and aid digestion.

During the day

5. Chew slowly: Eating quickly can get air trapped in your system , so chew slowly and beat the bloat by helping your food get digested better.

6. Don't chew gum : Chewing gum gets air trapped in your system while added sugars and flavour can cause bloating in the stomach.

7. Drink tons of water : We all know this is good for us. Water helps to flush out toxins and extra salt to help you feel less bloated , while keeping your skin looking great as a bonus.

8. Check your potions : The reason you feel over bloated after meals could be because you are eating way to much in one go.


9. Eat Quinoa: Quinoa has tons of fibre as well as potassium which keeps you less bloated and aids digestion , while being low on calories as well.

10.Have a fibre rich snack : Raspberries , avocados and chia seeds all add fibre and help combat bloating , making the perfect afternoon snack.


11. Skip the cocktails : Alcohol causes digestion issues , and cocktails are loaded with sugar and calories. Say no to drinks to feel positively slimmer the next day.

12. Eat the right dinner : food like asparagus , lean chicken , veggies and fish are the perfect options for a healthy dinner. Avoid beans and cauliflower as vegetables as they lead to bloating the next day.

13.Avoid dessert: Fatty , sugary foods can be packed with calories and cause the stomach to swell up majorly the next day.

14. Drink a de bloating tea : Lemongrass, cinnamon, mint and ginger tea can all be the perfect after dinner soothing cuppa , while helping de bloat the next morning.

15. Sleep on time : Getting to bed on time helps regulate the metabolism and keep the body working in best shape.