7 Signs You Are More Into Him

...than he's into you!




So you are dating this guy and really, really like him. But you get this feeling that your relationship may be one sided and that your feelings for him are stronger than his for you. A relationship can only last if both people are on the same page with their feelings. Check these signs if you think you are more invested in your relationship than your man. 

1) He doesn't show you affection.
Any guy that is into you will not be able to keep his hands off of you. You should never have to long for someone's affection when you are in a relationship with them.

2) You always have to ask him out. 
Most guys love taking their girlfriend's out and treating them to a fun date! If you feel like you always have to ask to go on a date, it is a huge red flag! 

3) He has met all your friends...and you haven't met any of his! 
Not only is it not fair for you to introduce your man to all your friends while you stay under the wraps with his friends, it is a sign that he may not think the relationship will last! 

4) He hasn't told his parents about you. 
If you have openly told your parents about your relationship, you should fully expect the same from him. If he hasn't mentioned your name, you may not be at the top of his priority list.

5) Your life revolves around him. 
You should never feel like you always have to switch your plans to fit into your man's schedule! If he is into you, he will move his life around to make sure you are a huge part of it! 

6) You always have to text him.
If you find yourself constantly checking your phone to see if your man has finally send you a text, he is probably not thinking about you as much as you are about him. 

7) You have caught him flirting with other girls. 
Flirting with someone else while he is in a relationship is a huge NO-NO! If you see him blatantly hitting on other girls, he's just not that into you.