What's Your Office Personality? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Are you The Planter, The Creeper, or The Team Worker?




​Ah, offices, where different people come together to work, brainstorm, ideate, (and sometimes 'lose it' in a cray-cray way). But did you know that most offices contain a definitive mix of different personalities, based on each person's 'working style'? Psychologist Dr Meredith Belbin defines the essentials of a top-class team. Now, the big question is, which one are you?  

ARE YOU THE PLANT? This is the creative personality who generates ideas.

ARE YOU THE RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR? This is the terminology used to refer to the extrovert who aces the art of networking.

ARE YOU THE SHAPER? This is the dynamic individual who thrives under high-pressure situations.

ARE YOU THE MONITOR-EVALUATOR? An all-important player, this is the name given to the person who soberly evaluates the usefulness of new ideas.

ARE YOU THE TEAM WORKER? Perhaps one of the most important person in a group, this is the cooperative team player who's always on hand to help.

ARE YOU THE SPECIALIST? This refers to the person who possesses actual, hands-on, specialist skills required to conceive and execute projects.

ARE YOU THE IMPLEMENTER? Those who turn ideas into solutions are known as implementers.

ARE YOU THE COMPLETER? The person who sees each task to its proper close is the completer/finisher.

ARE YOU THE COORDINATOR? This is the person who actually cements the entire team together.