7 Ways to Feel Happy Right Now

Feeling the funk? Read this!




We all have those moments where we just feel like..meh! We are cranky, feeling low, and just totally unhappy! Here are 7 quick pick me ups that will surely lift your sprits in no time.

1) Write down 3 things you are grateful for. 
It can be anything, small or big. Looking at things you are thankful for will instantly make your mood better!

2) Take a walk.
Fresh air does the mind, body, and soul GOOD! So get up and get outside! You can thank us later!

3) Watching something funny.
If you need a quick laugh, get on YouTube and search for something hilarious that will zap the blues away!

4) Exercise. 
Working out is probably the last thing that is on your mind but it could completely improve your mood due to all the endorphins. So when you feel the blahs coming on, do something physical! 

5) Read.
Try to divert your mind by reading up on your favorite celebrity or even something inspirational that will pick you up when you are feeling down! 

6) Hang out with your friends. 
Spending time with your friends is a guaranteed way to brighten your outlook not to mention have F.U.N.

7) Take a nap. 
If all else fails, give your mind and body some rest and take a nap. You will wake up with a clear head and ready to take on the world!