Want to Lose Weight? Eat Two Eggs!

It's the Tip Weight-Loss Experts Swear By!




​Listen up: eggs can make a serious difference to your weight-loss regime, helping you consume critical nutrients and lose weight. In fact, studies have found that people who start their day with poached, boiled or scrambled eggs can lose up to two-thirds more weight than others.

You see, eggs are low in calories—a regular egg contains just 70 calories, but it scores high on the Satiety Index scale, which means your egg meal will leave you feeling fuller for longer. In fact, in one study,  researchers discovered that slimmers who ate eggs for breakfast felt fuller for longer than those who had a bagel and cheese (both meals had the same number of calories).

Of course, an egg has other benefits, besides just weight loss. They're rich in protein (and actually considered better than meat, fish, and milk), plus high in vitamins and minerals. Oh, and if you've ever suffered a hangover, you'll know an egg can be your BFF, thanks to its taurine content, which helps tackle liver damage.

GTG now, it's time for an eggy brekky (sorry, we know that was terrible).