5 Ways to be Friends With Your Coworkers





Did you just start a new job and want to befriend your coworkers but don't know where to start? Fear not! We have narrowed down 5 easy ways to become friends with your coworkers in no time! 

1) Make small talk. Start small, casual conversations with your coworkers about work, the weather, their lunch, their clothes...you get the point. 

2) Get to know them. Build on the small talk daily and find out your coworkers interests. You may be surprised to find out how much you have in common, which can help you grow your relationship!

3) Go out to lunch with them. If you don't want to come across being pushy and invite them out to drink or dinner just yet, why not ask them to go for lunch? Surely, they eat lunch...why not accompany them? 

4) Take part in company gatherings. Whether it's work drinks or company parties, make sure to attend them all! This way your coworkers get to know more about you and you can talk about the funny shenanigans the day after! 

5) Invite them out! If you have taken the time to follow steps 1-4, why not finally take the initiative and invite your coworkers out? Keep the invite cool and casual and ask them to grab drinks after work and keep on building your new realtionship from there!