7 Things You Should Never be Ashamed to Ask For

Live life unapologetically!




1) Help. 
Everyone needs help sometimes and seeking it out does not make you weak. If you are feeling overwhelmed, drained or need help completing a important task, don't be afraid to ask for assistance! 

2) A raise. 
There is no shame in asking for the money you deserve. If you know you are being underpaid or your responsibilities have increased without a promotion, it is OK to ask for it! No company is going to volunteer to give you more money. Therefore, if you don't ask for it, you may never get it! 

3) A better relationship.
If you feel that you are pulling most of the weight or just want a little bit more from your other half, it is important for you both to ask for it! You are an equal partner in your relationship, and you should never feel ashamed to share your feelings. Your relationship may depend on it.

4) SEX!
If you want some, ask for some! Enough said! 

5) A condom.
This is an important one. Don't rely on the guy to just 'put one on'...instead, take charge, and ask him to make sure he wraps it up! 

6) Alone time. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be alone sometimes. If you are feeling overwhelmed, overworked or just want to be by yourself, it is perfectly alright to ask to be left alone for a while! 

7) Second opinion on health issues.
Recently visited a doctor and heard some not-so-good news regarding your health? Or still feel like something is wrong even though your health care professional gives you the all clear? Never be afraid to request a second opinion. Your health is your wealth and you should not have to worry about potential health issues.

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