5 Signs You Are Skinny Fat

Say wahhh?!




If you are confused by the term 'skinny-fat', don't worry, you are not alone! Skinny fat is totally a thing! It refers to someone who has a normal weight and BMI for their height, but lack muscle. It is hard to tell someone is skinny-fat just by looking at them (clothing hides a multitude of sins), but we have listed 5 tell-tale signs you could be skinny-fat.

1) You eat a lot of junk food.
You pretty much live off of eating junk food.

2) You are thin but still have a muffin top. 
You are skinny everywhere, but still have fat on your belly!

3) You lack upper body strength
Doing a push-up is nearly impossible for you because your upper body cannot support the weight for the rest of your body (even though you are super skinny!)

4) Your body tends to wobble. 
Strangely enough, you have the ability to make your arms, legs, stomach wobble! The same as someone who is overweight.

5) You lack muscle tone. 
You know you have abs, you just haven't seen them in years. That is because your body is lacking muscle tone.

To overcome the skinny-fat syndrome, all you need is weight training (to tone your muscles) and clean eating. Doing both in conjunction will surely get remove the fat from the skinny in no time!